NEW CHURCH - The project


The history proved that building a church is always a blessing for the community that does it. The above passage points to the event when after seventy years of captivity, the people of Israel could return to their home and began rebuilding the church. 




The "Saint Anthony Abbot" "Remete Szent Antal" parish of Marosvásárhely, founded in 1995, starts building a new church in 2007. In our city, this has been the only one residential area (district) that hasn't got any church yet. We consider that our community of more than 600 believers needs a church where to deepen its faith and get closer to each other.


Our church under construction will have the "Saint Family Church and Parish" name and will admit 120+30 persons. The characteristic of this church will be that it will have an amphitheatre structure and will have a separate chapel for keeping the Eucharist in, that will also serve for the sacramental silence and prayer, adoration.


Next to it will be our Community House, the home of the whole community. We intend to have a big room (65 square metres) that will be always open for activities that serve the developement of our community and our faith. It will also be open for every well-intentioned person who intends to develop his/her personality or to cultivate tradition. 


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